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A320-Cockpit - Willkommen

What are you going to find here?

We have a quite special hobby - we build an non-motion A320-Simulator. This process will obviously take several years to be completed so we decided to create this webpage. Here you can find information about the progress (see Flight Deck or Media), with whom we are working together (together we stand...) and where we got all that stuff from (see Community).

Neuer Download

SIOC-Contextfiles for PSPad

A new download is now available! We use texteditor PSPad to write SIOC-Files. To work a little bit faster we now offer context files. They include both a highlighter and definitions of text modules for programming in SIOC.

Neue Seite

New Page: Construction Reports

There is a new section on our page. See menu item "Flight Deck" to find the new section Contruction Reports. There you will find a collection of reports with photos sorted by cockpitsections.

Pedestal Lichttest

Pedestal under construction - Light tests

Just after building the pedestal framesset and mounting the panels we did the first light tests for implementing the integrated lighting.
We used "Super Flux LEDs" and a PWM-Module for that. More

Pedestal im Bau

Pedestal under construction

Finally we were able to start building our Pedestal. After some minor problems with our construction the framework has been finished and is now ready to be extended by a metallic grid on which we will fasten the panels later on. More


We are looking for parts

You own any aircraftpart we might need? You got a gauge or an accessory to sell? Contact us! We are always looking for parts - whether we need it for constuction or not. Maybe we can use it as part of our furniture. Feel free to use our Contact-Sheet (Crew >> Contact) or email to webmaster@a320fd.com! More